Wednesday, 31 December 2014

It's New Year's Eve, I know, But Please Don't Let Off Fireworks.

Animals are the ones who suffer...

As soon as a big storm is brewing most dogs crawl and hide from it. They are scared of thunder and the loud noises. Tonight's fireworks are many times louder for the animals. We can't simply tell them to not worry about tonight's fireworks.

There are numerous 1st of Januaries that I have walked early mornings. When most are sleeping off a fuzzy head, I thought it best to set my intention on the very first day of the year. Walking on a day where most of the neighbourhood is quiet and deserted is peaceful until you stumble upon an extremely frightened and disorientated dog. That breaks your heart!

There are always a few dogs sniffing the deserted roads in a state of panic, looking for signs of recognition. They want to go home. A home they ran away from when that horrible loud noise from the fireworks started.

Tell me, what would you do if all of a sudden loud shots are fired close to you? Just remember that most animals hearing abilities are several times better than ours. Oh yes, you'd run like mad to find a hiding place. At least we can try to cover our ears, but animals cannot cover their ears!

So far I have only noticed how scared dogs are during and after those stupid firework displays, but I can't help wondering how all the other animals handle these insane displays of

" Mine's bigger than your's "?

What about these animals:

  • Horses
  • Livestock
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Wildlife

Apart from hurting our animals ( wild and domestic ), I can't help but wonder about the amount of damage being done to our environment on New Year's Eve... Remember, it is not just in your neighbourhood, but in all neighbourhoods of the world.

Let's find a new way to celebrate the New Year. A gentler and greener one...

Happy New Year...