Monday, 29 December 2014

The Mysterious Case Of The Blue Cheese Affair...

Distinct, strong and far from pleasant.

Of course it could only happen when it is freezing outside and in fact so cold and windy that opening any window involves an ongoing argument with Bob. He just doesn't see the point of it!'s not enough that this year we have been upgraded to the Mouse-House ( see blog ). Oh no, that almost seems like a walk in the park now.

Walking into our kitchen I was almost knocked out by a blue cheese smell. Only on the one side. Like a bloodhound I sniffed all over our kitchen, alas to no avail. Voicing my opinion to Bob ( a slightly testy sufferer of cabin fever ) he straight away did his well practiced one liner:

" Oh, you are imagining it again. "
. Sensing no help from that side, I again sniffed every bit of our kitchen. Nada, nothing, yuk.

We had to go out for an hour yesterday and when we got home, Schatzi was the first one to walk into the kitchen or should I call it Blue Cheese Central? And guess what, he smelt it! Finally and about time too to come aboard the search team. It must have looked rather funny seeing both of us crawling around on all fours trying to find an escaped piece of cheese.

We checked the usual suspects: behind, under & in the fridge. Same for oven, table & cupboard. Again we came up empty handed. In desperation and slightly embarrassed, Bob wondered whether it might be his feet giving off said odour? With great dexterity he did take a whiff of his feet and was happy as can be that they weren't the culprits.

At one time I accused Schatzi of copying an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.
( Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 1 To 9 [DVD] ) You know, the one with the suitcase on the stairs, that neither Deborah or Raymond wanted to move...cabin fever and so on!

With the ever present whiff of blue cheese hovering in our kitchen, we both tipped a dead mouse in our ceiling as the possible offender. But that opens a whole other kettle of fish! How to get to it and so forth...

I couldn't help but mention our blue cheese affair to my parents across the pond.

" Just imagine if someone comes to visit us and smells this offending smell. We will be known in our village as the mouse & stinky cheese place. "

quick as a whistle I got a fabulous and most helpful reply...
" That's easy. Just put out a plate of blue cheese and no one will know the difference! "

Isn't life grand when you can have a good laugh? As for the blue cheese affair, eventually we will get to the bottom of it and in the meantime will buy lots of stinky cheese as a decoy!