Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The New EU Menu Regulations Already Has Created Some Apps.

An avalanche of printing to be done nonetheless.

As any smoker or rather soon to be ex smoker knows, buying a loose cigarette was one of two things. Firstly extremely expensive and secondly somehow less troubling for the old guilt's only a loose and not a pack!

Well, now the there is another loose term being banded about. The loose foods. Yes, you heard right. Food can be loose too. The term applies to ( I think ) anything bought without plastic or any other housing. You know, the healthy stuff!

These delicious loose products, which chefs use to create temptations for us, need from now on be meticulously explained and written on the menu. Well, not all but a list of 14 allergy causing ones. As this list includes the staples of a good kitchen, a new era of opportunity is being created for the printing presses.

Daily menu changes might be a thing of the past as it would prove rather costly. As the streets of Europe are home to a prolific number of restaurants, you can work out for yourself what a huge amount of printing is to be done. Of course with the invention of apps, it can be a bit easier for the individual businesses. For Example,

Here is a link to what ingredients are meant from the Uk Food Standard agency.

As with anything gazetted that is an outrageous affront to common sense, this one carries a hefty fine if not adhered too. Amounts of 50 000 Euros are being banded about. Good grief, some restaurants don't even make this in a year...

How on earth are all the fabulous yet small restaurants in Europe going to cope? Just about everything used needs to be listed. A sneaked dash of the old Maggie is either owned up to or a thing of the past. Secret ingredients, those that differentiate the good from the exceptional chefs, will be secret no more.

Personally I don't agree with this new ruling. How do you feel about it?