Monday, 22 December 2014

Winter And Its Many Sides.

Snow is not always necessary.

The perfect blend of wintry sky and hints of grapes. That is the beauty of living amid a wine producing area...reminders everywhere.
This is the sight that greets me every time I walk through the forest and come out on the top end. Different in all seasons but stunning and awesome each and every time.
The gentle lane...I could have sworn that snow was on the way. Just look at the mixture of clouds and you can almost see the crispness in the air. Yet, no snow but a nice and warm spell have followed for the next few days.
The bread and butter of farming...fertile fields.
A beautiful beacon amid the bare branched society. The pink stole the show...
I am sure this is a kind of pampas, but it reminds me of candy floss nonetheless. Isn't this the perfect trio of colours. Green, blue and beige. Uplifting, at least for me...