Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Secret Is Out: Deutsch Schuetzen & Eisenberg Make Fabulous Wine!

Ooh, another Falstaff Wine Award won.

I know it's not polite to brag, but having the best Blaufränkisch Red Wine in Austria ( 2014 ) is a big deal. Not only the best ( Kopfensteiner Estate ) but another of our wine estates ( Krutzler Wine Estate ) has won 3rd place. Now we're talking...

A few of our friends questioned our sanity when they heard that we would move to a village of not more than about 350 people.

" My God, what on earth are you going to do there? Are you mad?"
well, for starters we have landed right in the middle of a wine Mecca. At least I like to call it that. Try and prove me wrong, I dare you. Come and try all our local wines.

Who can boast of just being able to walk down the road for a bottle of great wine? No carbon footprint for us.

But seriously, this award is a big deal because it shows that the vintners push the boundaries, produce for quality and with that philosophy are making the rest of the world wake up to our bit of paradise.

You know, even the local wines that don't win awards are great. As I have told you before, for some reasons the wines from our area don't give one a headache. Yes, I hear you chuckling and mumbling that it depends on the number of glasses had, but I beg to differ.

A recent visitor from shores far far away ( South Africa ) has been overheard to tell all and sundry how despite his drinking a lot of our local wine ( as one does on holiday ) he never ever woke up with a fuzzy head.

Our vintners are leaps and bounds ahead of the pack, because they have realized that less is more. Quality needs no added help and the brilliance of a great wine is often found in letting nature take its course. Great wines needs no plumage!

Congratulations to our vintners. Here's a list to local accommodation, because tasting all our wines ( award winning or other ) is more comfortable if you stay with us for a few days.