Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Do You Also Notice How Fast Time Goes From One Christmas To The Next?

Are we getting older or is time really speeding up?

These last few weeks I have been rather un-infused with that Christmas Spirit. Oh, I do sing along to the numerous carols playing everywhere, but that whole

" oh gosh, what should I get for so and so / oh, what will I get from so and so "
was not on my agenda. Years of working that hectic Christmas schedule ( one that can only happen in Malls where the Landlord gets a share of turnover...p/s: most shopkeepers don't work those long hours by choice ), made me see the holidays as just a jolly nice break from work. Sometimes two days, sometimes three depending on whether it was a weekend Christmas or not.

This morning I glanced at the TV schedule and the day seems filled with festive movies. Movies I saw as a child and as stupid as it sounds, seeing the TV schedule has kind of lit the Christmas Spirit!

Anyway, I have been busy visiting all over the village and it hasn't escaped my notice that even in our small community, the local shop was akin to a honeypot and bees. At one stage it was impossible to drive past. Yes, it is on the main road through the village, but out of habit most villagers will park where there is free space. Road or not!

This might tickle any South African's fancy: Half the cars parked outside the village shop are left with the motor running and doors unlocked. No one in said car! Oh, yes, a lot of locals don't see the point of switching off the engine when they pop in for a pint of milk and a loaf of bread. Wouldn't happen in South Africa, would it?

For some reason most of us tend to think that there won't be food available after Christmas. Odds and ends that we never ever eat, are part of our shop. In the case of our village shop, the crowds might also have been there in order to see others and hear some juicy seasonal gossip. During the Wintry month most keep indoors and the font of tidbits dwindles to a trickle. Don't every discount the importance of ' knowledge ' in a small community...

Bob has been planing to make a banana bread to bring to my parents for Christmas pudding. Bob being Bob, he has even researched on Google for a more finicky recipe. Yesterday, he took off to go shopping to Kohfidisch Spar. A trip long enough to warrant a lengthy search for his favourite CD. A one way trip to Kohfidisch lasts about 2,5 songs!

Anyway, as happens in Coupledom, I asked whether I could make him a list of other things we need.

" Oh don't bother with a list. I don't need one as I am just going to go along the isle and know what we need. "
Far be it from me to quibble with a master shopper ( he is, truly ).

When I asked him if he had remembered the Mozzarella, he owned up that it was such a crush in the Supermarket that all thoughts of shopping left him. Having almost been run over by a zealous shopper and her full trolley, he just got a few essentials and hot footed it out of there.

Even with the shopping trip cut short, our fridge and cupboards are filled. Lovely. Being able to eat well on Christmas and through the festive season is not a given anymore in today's times. Anyway, have a lovely and merry Christmas.

As for getting older: I had an English extra lesson with one of the kids, and there was a sentence with the phrase U2 which had to be matched with another sentence that had the word CD in it. For some reason he didn't get it and when I asked him if he knew what U2 was, he didn't have a clue....oh what a sobering leveler!