Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Non-Stop Supply Of Field Mice.

Why don't we change our address to Mouse Plaza?

Oh, of course we have a cat. A big feral one. A feral cat that might have been a bit over domesticated by yours truly. Who can resist a favoured pet's bashful glances? As pet owners we are putty in her paws...Only an ogre wouldn't give in and supply a delectable and never ending array of cat foods.

Bob and I are so valiantly trying to woo our feral cat, that we have added a ' leave in the tray most of the day ' ration of dry cat food. Each of us secretly wants to be the first one to stroke our little Diva. As much as she plays the Diva, the moment either of us gets too close she does the ten yard dash in record time. A dash away from us, I might mention. Silly billy...can't she see the offering in our hands?

Even the other night I woke up in the middle of it fretting that I had forgotten to put the vittles out for Tigger. I was even contemplating putting a emergency ration on a piece of paper outside our front door ( The shed where we feed her doesn't have any lighting ). When I mentioned my fear to Bob, he reminded me that he had already fed her. No angry looks to be expected from our diva.

There's the rub though. As we feed her so marvelously and amply, she has no need to toy with the non stop mouse guests that sneak past her. They must do so, because I know Tigger sits on our front step and the smell of a mouse is to her as the smell of a piece of just grilled steak is to Bob. Instant attraction unless they are not hungry.

As you know, these past few weeks have been a mouse nightmare in our house. Not one, not two but four mice have had to face the music . As cautious as I am, I have made sure to put a few mouse-exit stations around our house. Bob thought I was over dramatizing as per usual.

" But Bob, I can smell there is mouse wee in our house. "
" Stop being so paranoid. There is no more mouse in our house! "
...oh well, seeing that Bob didn't believe me, I merely moved the mouse-encounter-stations out of sight and even put cheese in them myself. Doubting Thomas didn't need to know.

Dozing on the couch yesterday afternoon, tha distinct signal that a mouse had nibbled on the cheese penetrated my sleepiness. Whack! When I told Bob what had happened and that he needed to go and have a look, he rolled his eyes but lead the way. After all, he is the head check out clerk at Mouse Plaza.

He couldn't believe it when he saw yet another mouse. No.5 in our mouse saga. Before you judge us as terrible for ending any mouse's stay at Mouse Plaza, remember that they do carry disease and crawl about anywhere they feel like with great mouse-abandon!


A real posing Diva....too lovely with a character that keeps us highly entertained. Now if she could only start to stop the mice entering our house!