Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Last Minute Gift For Those Hard To Buy For Teenagers.

A gift that is perfect and long lasting...

You might not even have to go to an old age home to find lonely people that you know. Everyone has someone in their peripheral that is alone during the holidays.

Your teenage kids more than likely have everything they could want or need. Aren't their cupboards and rooms getting to small for all the stuff they have? What to buy them? Why not give them the gift of uplifting another person?

Take them to a bakery or shop and let them buy several trays of packaged holiday cookies. Let them choose them and if they want to, also gift wrap them. Let them know, that the cookies they choose are bought with money that would have been meant for their gift. Let them own it, so to say!

The next step is easy. Drive to the local old age home ( or a lonely person you know ) and ask at reception, who is alone during the Festive season. Such as not having any family coming to visit.

Your kids don't need to stay long with each person. Just long enough to give a gift to someone who will appreciate it beyond measure. You'll probably notice that once they get to see the joy and sheer pleasure they have given, that they might want to stay a few minutes for a chat.

Look, a lot of you might say:

  • That your teenagers couldn't be bothered.
  • That they won't want to give up their own gifts.
  • That they just don't care.

But here's the thing; How do you know if you don't give them a chance?

Maybe a lot of today's youngsters have never been given a chance, or shown how easy it is to do something nice and altruistic for others...