Saturday, 20 December 2014

We Are So Busy Chasing A Life-style That We Forget To Live.

It is time to slow down!

Who put this idea into our minds that unless we are busy chasing, having and showing off stuff, we are not worthwhile? It sounds harsh, but isn't that why most of us run ourselves into the ground, paying off all this stuff we have to have?

Even now, or especially now at Christmas time, people's shopping habits become supersonic. Does your child, spouse or friend really have to have the latest toy, Smartphone or bit of clothing with a label? Is there anything wrong with a Christmas of times gone know, one where each child gets a present and a useful one at that.

Guess what will be the new luxury item to have? Oh yes, Time is the new must have item. Time spent at home with your children. Time spent reading to your children. Time spent playing board games with your children...time spent with your spouse.

As a society we need to change our attitude of having and getting new things all the time. Our planet won't support this madness much longer. All the needless stuff we buy ( and let's be honest, how many of last years presents are still in use today ? ) has to be made somewhere. Coupled with our mistaken glee at buying on the cheap, we are destroying our planet.

Talk about cutting off our nose to spite our face...

Slowly the doubters of Global Warming are changing their tune. The climate change is not abstract anymore but is affecting all of us.

Why don't we teach our children more values of character instead of teaching them the value of our salary. At the end of the day, spending time with your family is much more valuable than another computer game, Smartphone or expensive, yet unnecessary item!

Shouldn't we make sure that the young generation of today has an opportunity to leave their future grandchildren a healthy and happy place to live?