Sunday, 14 December 2014

The White Rose, Birds And A Rainy Day.

A gentle life is a wonderful life...

A rainy day can be nice too. When you see the raindrops clinging on the twigs it kind of looks romantic. Apart from anything else, rain is good for our complexion!
A rainy day outside our barn...
Bob's been stepping up the bird feeding in our front yard. Oh, Hitchcock could do a remake of The Birds quiet easily outside our door.
The one on the left is ready to do his fast dive for those delectable sunflower seeds. Gosh, they are so quick that often I don't see the whole food flight.
Further afield...a kilometer away...the birds get bigger! Are we using the wrong sort of bird food? But isn't it nice the way this beauty is perching on the tree?
When you look a bit closer, you can see the bird hidden somewhere in the tree. A rather colourful kind of bird.
The last white rose. Now they are hibernating but luckily I managed to get this rose on camera a few weeks ago.