Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Have We Lost The Plot?

Is our era going into the history books as THE ERA OF GREED?

Maybe I'm hearing the wrong sort of news, but this week there were a few things that made me sit up and take notice. Uber ( the taxi App ) being one of them!

Overcharging a taxi fare, just because they thought they could get away with it...hiking the tariffs in times of crisis doesn't say much for the moral high ground.

A lot of people are raving about Uber, but I wouldn't be surprised if Uber will become Under. As with anything, we as customer choose by our custom.

Divorce is common place everywhere. Fifty percent and so on, makes it pretty certain that you'll know someone either going through one or have had one. Yes, we are used to seeing and hearing about divorces. But not this one!

Richard Gere and his soon to be ex wife are having a bout in the arena of divorce. Maybe they've watched the gory wrestling or any of those silly shows, but it seems that this divorce is not without pain. Financial pain.

Mr. Gere is know as the poster boy of a Buddhism and correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Buddhism stand for peace, harmony and not worrying about worldly goods?

The Gere lot are having a bout to do with who gets what in this divorce. Before you ask, no, it is not about existential stuff ( having a roof over your head and enough money to buy food and pay the bills like mere mortals do ) but about a few hundred million.

Are celebrities so far removed from the rest of us, that they have tiffs over getting either 50 or 100 million in a divorce? Don't they realize that life is not so expensive.

All around the world there are millions of people struggling to eat each day. Somehow, reading about a couple having a fight over who gets more millions is rather a sad reflection on our times. In fact, I find it rather shameful.