Sunday, 28 December 2014

A Snow Filled Weekend Is Not To Be Sneezed At!

Snow covered vineyards, plains and trees are a pleasure to photograph.

Walking on maiden snow is something so special. Creating your own path on snow is refreshing to say the least. It's also quite revealing as it shows you whether you drag your feet, walk pigeon toe or just have jolly big feet! No elegant hoof prints like a deer here, no this dear has big prints...

This is a typical Burgenland Streckhof, complete with barn and fruit trees surrounding it. I adore these typical Burgenland Streckhofs and when you consider that some are over a hundred years old, you might reconsider modern architecture. Back then, they knew how to build for function and ease. These farms are self sufficient islands and most of them have enough space for cattle, pigs, chickens, orchards and vegetable gardens.

Wine and the vineyards in our part of Burgenland do seem to be blessed. It doesn't matter what season it is, because the skies do throw the cloak of sunshine over our area...

For those in The Snow this might seem paltry but I love how elegantly the blades of grass are wearing their coat of white. It seems so comfortable that lying down upon it wouldn't be amiss.

A lot of our family back in South Africa might wish to have a bit of snow right now. Temperatures of over 38 degrees are alright to show off with to make us envious, but after a while the heat may get to you...

Straight away I thought this must be a man-placed Christmas tree, but then I realized that it was there naturally and the snow had perfected its appeal. Imagine a few lights and tinsel on it?

The vines seem to be bearing their extra weight. Even when the vineyards of Eisenberg
are shaded in ...50 ...shades of grey, they are divine.