Sunday, 21 December 2014

A Woodpecker And His Dance In The Splendour Of A Winter's Morning In The Vineyards .

Notoriously shy, this woodpecker was anything but.

That is the thing about a walk in the morning, you never know what will come your way. Yesterday, when I happened upon a friend sweeping her garage, little did I know I would get to see a woodpecker. Her garden is her pride and joy and naturally it includes a wonderful bird paradise. More of a Bird-Inn. An abundance of sunflowerseeds at the bottom of it, makes our daily handfuls of birdfood look very meager!

Can you believe that this close to Christmas we still have islands of greenery all over? Almost unheard of, even though our part of Austria is sometimes refered to as the Florida of Austria...The vines in the vineyards are bare of leaves yet the grass still has a lovely hue of green between the isles. Oh, and it was 12 degrees during the day! Anyway, when I saw who was the guest of honour in the Bird-Inn, I couldn't resist...

He is so pretty that I thought you wouldn't mind if I show a series of photos with him being the center of attention!

This woodpecker has a routine. He hops down the wooden pole to collect a sunflower seed and then hops back up while at the same time eating the seed. Gosh, he is so quick that it wasn't easy to capture him on film.

Isn't his colouring amazing? That red on the neck is one of nature's amazing displays of perfection. Now that I know that a woodpecker is rather pretty, I will turn a deaf ear to the constant knock knock it performs.

At first it looks like the Bird-Inn is without customers, but if you look closely, you can spot a thirsty bird on the left and an awaiting customer on the right.

A photo taken a mere minute after, but the sun was at a different angle and I think the photo doesn't need many words. I like it.

This tree or rather the Reception of The Bird Inn is a mere meter next to it. The birds weren't used to me and took a safe perch in the Reception....It was and is a blessing to be able to walk and encounter nature in all its splendour.