Friday, 19 December 2014

The Kitten Summit Has Reached Our House.

A new epoch in our household perhaps?

As you know, we've been entertained by a mouse play. That is the only positive spin I can put on it, because being privy to an average day of a mouse is not as much fun as you might think. Sleeping with one eye open does get a bit tiring....

Mouse traps are all well and good, but what about a kitten? It has been suggested to us, and I must say, Bob and I are getting into the swing of it.

Just the other day in Hofer, Bob sussed out what might have to be fed to a little darling.

" Bob, the whole reason for us to maybe get a kitten is so that it is hungry enough to want the mice! "
If we do get an inside cat, the chances are extremely good that it will be spoiled rotten. Due to lack of interest the mice might then get their uninterrupted run of our house. By the way, so far it has been one mouse at a time!

Discussing my mouse problem with various villagers, I was made to believe that it is a common thing this time of the year. Especially in rural areas. Shew, at least we were not the only ones...until the other night.

I was at a meeting and about six of us were sitting around a table. A house cat came on the scene and lo and behold, it made a bee line for me. Gosh, it jumped up onto my lap and twisted and turned adorably for me to stroke and cuddle her.

Even my fear of fleas vanished as this lovely cat did her best to enslave me to her. She was such a darling and I did to her biding until she did a vigorous scratch behind her ear. That scratching earned her a one way ticket to the floor. But, that evening I must have held an unbreakable attraction for this cat because she honed in on me at least three times. Jokingly I said:

" Do you think she could come to my house and catch a few mice? "
A collective shudder did the rounds and I sort of got the impression that I was the only one with an inside mouse problem. In fact, one lady went so far as to regale us with the story of a neighbour of hers, who had loads of mice possibly do to shabbiness in the cleaning department.

Oh dear. Well, one thing I was certain about. None of these ladies would visit us any time soon. As you can imagine, when I got home the first thing I told Bob was that we need to clean even more.

" Oh my God, not that again!!! ."
and then I told him how cute and adorable this cat was. Both of us were already imagining a little kitten of our own being cute and adorable.

Our Tigger ( a feral yet almost domesticated cat ) must have a sixth sense. Yesterday, when I went out the front door, she actually meandered towards me. This time she came so close that I could almost imagine cuddling her. Turf wars might be on the horizon!