Sunday, 7 December 2014

Never Mind The Empire, His Precious Strikes Back!

The Lord of the Rings saga continues in our house.

All week, Bob has been reminding me how he only wants to watch this one last movie ( well realistically there are more than one ) this year and the rest of the time I can choose the programs. Goodness, such selflessness made me almost haul out the violin!

We all know the there are ways and means to get your way. Bob's famous for saying

" Oh, you choose, I don't really mind. "
and then precedes to either play on the computer or do the old...
" I'm tired and am going to bed because your Rosmary Pilcher ( fabulous romcom ) isn't to my taste. "
Have you ever...!

Anyway, as you might remember The Lord Of The Rings is not my taste.. Yes, honestly there are a few of us left who don't enjoy it...But as a humble wife, I was prepared for this long saga. Jeezalou, here in Austria, this whole epic takes 5 times as long because of the numerous ad breaks. The movie started at 20.15pm and ended at 12.30 am the next day!

My plan was simple, enjoyable yet rather cunning. It involved sipping an extra glass of wine which would make me merrily doze along watching Frodo. To my surprise, the Empire of The Youth, the Eisenberg's Youth Fire Brigade was in my corner. They held a Glühwein affair yesterday afternoon...oh, I am sure you can see the end already?

As it was raining and chilly, I thought I would stay home and make a roast chicken for dinner. My parents had a spare one and dropped it off at 4 one does in the countryside. Apart from anything else, dangling a whiff of a roast chicken in front of Bob would make sure he wouldn't stay too late. Coupled with Lord of the Rings showing, a very late night out with the boys, was not in the cards!

Oh, I was right, but luckily he did manage to have a few drinks because after eating a full plate of roast chicken with all the trimmings, he did the fateful deed and leaned back on the sofa.

If I myself hadn't been prepared for this epic movie ( eh, that extra glass of vino ), I could have easily counted down Bob and his falling asleep in front of the TV. As it turned out, I awoke from a loud snore...truthfully, it could have been mine too.

The time was 22.30 and knowing that the saga was still hours from being finished I tried to wake Bob a few times. All I got was a loud chortle / snore and with that I changed the channel.

Let's see what epic saga is on TV next week and if " Mein Schatz " wins.