Thursday, 1 January 2015

It's That Day Today: The Day For Clean Slates!

So many plans, yet again...

Today is the day for

  • fresh dreams
  • dreams unfulfilled
  • and dreams interrupted.
Why does it take the 1st of January of any year to make us sit up and take notice of our life?

Diets have Mondays and our life's plans seem to be set for New Year's days. Silly, aren't we? Those resolute ' resolutioners' make the same resolution each and every year. Don't you think it should have worked by now?

Why are we so het up on the superficial side of our lives? Legions of dieters all over the world are waking up full and bloated today because they cleaned out their fridges and larders yesterday. New runners are putting their toes out for the start of their new fitness program and the others will do a month of no alcohol.

Dear Supermarkets & Bottle stores, please don't fret about your profits, because as we all know a month of denial doesn't last that long. Somewhere in the region of 24 hours to maybe a week...

Instead of participating in the eternal round robin of new year's resolutions, why don't we just live our lives as best as we can, each and every day? Let's just be normal human beings with flaws and all our individual quirks. Let's face it, those quirks make us who we are and definitely more interesting.

If we go about our days treating others as we would like to be treated, then I think we can't go wrong. Kindness is infectious and so is a smile. Making our world a nicer place might just be as simple as that old biblical phrase: to others what you would have them do to you.