Thursday, 8 January 2015

So, You Really Want To Be A Famous Actor?

Most of us dream of being a success in Hollywood.

They are idolized, over paid and usually extremely beautiful or handsome. What is not to like about actors? As a viewing public we fall in love with these actors or rather the character they portray.

Bond fever is gripping Austria at the moment. Hardly surprising when you consider that part of the new Bond epic is being filmed in a beautiful part of Austria. Naturally they picked a snowy & mountainous region, as most of the world thinks of Austria as purely a place of skiing and where Heidi visits her Grandpa.

The next next Bond epic should do a detour in our well suited and stunning part of Burgenland...007 could change from savouring a non stirred Martini to a well swirled Blaufränkisch!

By the way, if you think that swirling your wine professionally in a wine glass is easy, think again. I have often tried and had to deal with either wine hurtling with alarming speed over the rim, looking clumsy or both...

We idolize actors and or rather the roles they play. How do we even know that Daniel Craig ( the current 007 ) isn't afraid of mice, storms and fast moving vehicles? Granted he looks like 007, but looks aren't everything.

Taking the actors side, I have to say that all the money they get paid surely doesn't compensate for being hounded by paparazzi, fans and single women. Just imagine, taking a step out your front door to fetch the post, and snap crackle pop, someone has taken your photo of you sporting Pyjamas & bed hair. Not nice indeed.

Being on constant alert and constantly in mint looking condition must be dreadfully difficult to maintain. Even now, when most newspapers have a two page spread on a Daniel Craig sighting or where he could be, I can't help but feel sorry for him.

Fame, as illusive as it can be, has a price attached to it. Privacy might as well be an oxymoron to the famous lot, because, gosh darn it, they don't have any. At least most have enough dosh to feather a comfortable hidey-hole, away from the maddening crowds.

Having said all that, should Mr. Craig do a sojourn in our vineyards, there might well be that a married lady taking a photo of him...