Friday, 16 January 2015

We Need A Spring In Our Step Again...

A rerun of Spring in Burgenland.

There is nothing wrong with a bit of positive thinking. Wondering what to write this morning and looking out at a slightly less than blue sky, I thought why not put a happy wallpaper as our mental background.
Our unique Burgenland colour flair is merely a few weeks away. To be fair, the blue skies are everpresent throughout the year but that vivid contrast of green blue and white is special.
The change over from bare to covered in white seems to happen overnight. You'll have to imagine the wonderful aromas of Spring.
At the moment the vines are mere twigs bending in the wind. Somehow it is hard to imagine that over the next few months, these bare twigs will produce the raw materials for a great wine.
Oh, I can't wait to see the yellow fields again. They are abundant in our area and this one is actually in Hungary. Imagine if a lavender field were to be planted adjacent to it? A colour extravaganza.
Of course Spring is also a good time to lavish the time away on the Burgenland Wine Utopia...Australia have their Gold Coast, we have our Wine Idyll! Lapping up the sound of nature ( birds, tractors and the odd words floating over from the vintners working their vines ) is a perfect antidote to city life. Book your stay in this delightful original Vintner's cottage.