Thursday, 22 January 2015

Carlsbad Spa In The Czech Republic, Moser Glassware & History Galore.

Our area of Europe is steeped in the most amazing history.

In our era of now, today, this second & can't miss a thing, even the art of taking in the waters at a spa is not what it used to be. The idea of going for a fortnight has been eschewed for a quick weekend. Not the best way to relax at a spa now is it?

Any Georgette Heyer fan worth her salt will know the importance of going to a spa to partake in the waters. Apart from the health benefit, it is a social highlight of course. Bob and I saw a series of programs about the world famous spa in Carlsbad Here is a list of all the places to stay.. We saw, fell in love with it and both of us made plans to someday be part of the water experience.

Gosh, the Czech Republic was almost an abstract name of a country. One that I have never been to, but one that I do want to visit very soon. It is so beautiful and just on our doorstep. Granted, we only saw a program on the spa region but it did the trick.

There are a series of spas in that area and they have hosted Goethe, Beethoven, Mozart and many more royals and celebrities throughout the ages. The fountains might be sprouting the eternal hot spring water but the buildings and gardens firmly sprout forth a sense of history, culture and maybe a few love intrigues through time.

Living in the heart of Europe ( yes, Burgenland has yet another plus for it ) gives us the opportunity to experience history firsthand instead of from the pages of a history book. Carlsbad, is about six hours drive from us and as only happens in Europe, even the drive there might be littered with historical spots of interest and beauty. A six hour drive could easily stretch into a six week one...

Oh, should a Viennese read this, I might be in a tad of trouble, because they are even more central in the heart of Europe. Vienna itself is of course the forerunner of anything to do with history, beauty and is a must see when one is in Europe. For those not fond of history, the Sacher Torte alone will pied pipe them to Vienna.

The cherry on the cake was when they mentioned the worlds finest Glassware company Moser Glass was only a whisker away. No, not glasses you buy at a chain store, but glassware that is used by royalty especially for weddings and state functions.

The glasses produced are of the highest quality and fit for a king, or someone with enough wherewithal to experience a royal pleasure while savouring their drink of choice from the golden rim of a Moser Glass.