Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Are There Any Professions Not Being Replaced By Computers?

Technological progress...is it really so good for all of us?

Everyone you know whips out their Smartphone at the drop of a hat. Even those extremely tight jeans ( those that can resemble a sausage casing ) have a pocket the exact size to house the omnipresent Smartphone? In a way that is rather sad.

Most of us are very scathing in attitude towards Alcoholics, Smokers and Gamblers, but let's face it, the ultimate addiction is the Smartphone. Oh yes, it is! Once you have it, it dictates your lifestyle, posture and reality.

Apps, the newfangled word that has a million applications is used in the same new way as cola, hamburger and milkshake were back in the 50's. Back then, the use of those terms made us larger but now, the use of Apps will make us poorer.

Most Apps you use, replace a physical person's job. Online might have a lot of benefits, but it does replace physical jobs. Jobs that you might have had to earn the money to pay for all those Smartphone deals you order.

In this last decade alone it seems that more billionaires have been created than ever before. Most of them have something to do with the Internet. Rather ironic, isn't it when so many middle class jobs are being lost forever, because they are replaced by a machine run by a computer. Interesting article featured in the PC Magazine.

This new 3-D printing revolution has techies foaming at the mouth with excitement. I for one am horrified by it, because if a printer makes things, more and more jobs and professions are becoming extinct. In one way it almost seems like we are returning to the middle ages. A time when there were a few Kings and rich people and the rest of the population tithed their meager income to them while struggling to make ends meet.

There will come a time, when governments will have no choice but to pay a salary to us even though we aren't working. With so many of us, and so few available jobs, that might just be the new reality.

The one profession that will never be replaced is that of a Hairstylist / Hairdresser. No one would be comfortable with Edward Scissorhands being let loose on your hair. Having worked in the industry, I find it rather fitting to point out the following.

Hairdressers on the whole were thought of as not having been clever enough to learn any other profession. There is an ever present academic divide between hairstylists and doctors, lawyers and academics. Maybe that is human nature. But now, the tables are turned as it is a vocation that will endure the computer age...
It doesn't matter how rich or powerful you are, the moment you sit in your hairstylist's chair, the balance of power has shifted!