Saturday, 10 January 2015

Tears Or Not, Let's All Learn To Peel Onions.

Plenty of surprises in store.

When was the last time you listened closely in a conversation? Most of us are too busy trying to formulate our thoughts, ideas and overriding principles that we forget to listen. Listening is a key ingredient to any conversation after all.

As people we are all covered up in layers upon layers of experiences. Hopefully, the older we get, the more layers we earn. On the outside we might look wrinkled and iffy like most older onions do, but our true essence starts to shine through with each peeled layer.

There is nothing better than to find out about the life experience of others. It is like a mystery where all you need to do is turn the page to find out more. Turning the page of people is as easy as just listening along with the occasional prompt. Somehow that combination is the key to unveiling layers.

The first impressions are what we take in and even deem important but how often do we assign someone to the " Quiet / Boring / Bossy / Beautiful / Ugly / Can't Be Bothered " pile without making the effort to find out their real personality.

I don't know who started the trend of turning a deaf ear to quiet people ? How wrong could we be. The quiet ones are often the most interesting ones to talk to. They have experienced life and don't feel the need to boast about it.

Living life, it is impossible not to garner experiences. Isn't it experience that gives our character life, hue and dimension? How often have I passed up the opportunity to really get to know someone by not bothering to make a conversation?

You know, sometimes a real conversation is rather simple. All you need to do is ask " How are you? " and actually take the time to listen to the answer.

As for tears, you might be brought to them. Some layers that are peeled could just as well reveal some hilarious or nefarious past causing you to laugh or cry. Honestly, I would rather find out the inner core and not be blinded by a perfectly staged outer layer...