Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Delightful Oasis Of Pleasurable Silence Has Settled In Our House.

A pleasure of such magnitude that only a fellow club member could comprehend.

Last week a friend of ours called and asked whether we would be interested in taking a few books she wanted to get rid of. When I heard the word book, my sensors went on high alert and when she uttered the magic by word of English, I was almost speechless with anticipation.

Reading is one of those activities that you either love or not. Reading shapes us and who we are. Reading is sadly becoming a lost art. At a get together the other night, I happened to mention how reading ( anything ) improves the old grey cells and might keep them healthy and on track. Suffice to say, that this idea was not seconded very much.

I mentioned to Bob the divine prospect of yet more English books coming to find a home with us. Bob's like a slow burner. He listens, gives a noncommittal shrug and carries on as if he has never heard anything. Only when he asked me:

" When can we go and fetch the books? "
did it become apparent how much he was looking forward to them too. Oh yes, Bob is a definitive founder member of our reading club ( in fact, that was another attractive facet of Bob's when we started dating. There is nothing more attractive than a man who's a prolific reader.)

Our friend did say she had oodles of books to give us, but we both were a bit hesitant to take her " literally " just in case there were only 3-4 books...Well, we needn't have worried at all. There was a treasure trove of books awaiting our selection. Bob and I kept on looking at each other in happy euphoria and secretly put mental stamps of who reads what first on them.

It takes a fellow book lover to understand the magnitude of such a gift. We got similar treasure boxes from America and South Africa last year and somehow there is a guardian angel of ours who ensures we are fully stocked with mental adventures and thoughts. He nudges our family and friends at just the right moment...and it was, as we have just started to re-read our treasures yet again.

To all who have given us those treasured books....

Thank you so much!
When we were driving home yesterday afternoon, with our treasures on the backseat, it was a miracle that we didn't float home on a wave of divine anticipation of living vicariously through the fictional vicissitudes of others.


Nice, isn't it?
Bob specifically chose this book as well and I look forward to the culinary treats that are in store for me.