Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Biggest Container Ship In The World Docks In Hamburg.

A giant ship from China makes me quake in my shoes.

Are we so addicted to having, buying and wasting that we need to get even bigger ships to deliver more goods to us? After all, what more could we possibly need that we haven't got already?

When did the love affair with Made in China start for all of us? Slowly but surely it crept up on us. I remember back in the 90's jokingly saying that if you turn over a souvenir, chances are it has the Made in China sticker underneath. Even if the souvenir was from America, Egypt or Paris.

Nobody label checked back then except for a few diligent ones. All of a sudden, stores had a cheaper offering of just about anything. Slowly but surely quality was replaced by quantity. Clothes were bought at the drop of a hat, because they were so cheap and in fact only lasted a few washes before looking out of shape.

We all go for a bargain. It is a thrill when you go shopping and come back with cash still in your hands. But did ( and do ) we ever consider that when we buy from another country, one that has cheaper overheads than our own country, jobs in our own country would disappear? Surely there were factories producing clothes and things in our own backyard? You know, places of employment for the average person.

Every economy needs a cross section of employment. It can't just survive on University graduates. All those jobs that one can do without a degree are vital for any economy. Well, so many jobs have left all of our shores to move to China, that in a way we only have ourselves to blame. Take a walk through your house and label many Made in China can you find?

Interesting article from the Economic Policy Institute.

Trade on the whole is a good thing. But trade needs to be sort of balanced. Maybe a simple one for one might do the trick. Let's try and be more aware of labels.

Take the time and a magnifying glass to check the label of every thing you buy. Alternate Made in China with Made in your own country !

Maybe, to shift the balance to a more eh, balanced setting, we could all make an effort to support our shops, factories, industries and workers every now and again.