Wednesday, 28 January 2015

It Seems That Even In Winter, All Roads Lead To Vines.

Thankfully there are wonderful vintners who turn their vines into wine...

At times I do get a bit blase about the calibre of wines produced in a mere few square mile from us. The magic square mile indeed and I heard a whisper of a hint that our wines are getting an extra avenue to showcase their lustre & muster.

The Ratschen is a thoroughbred among the eateries in our village and surrounds. Now and again it is rather nice to have a meal served the silver service way and have it enhanced by the perfect wine ( or vice versa ? ). As you can imagine, their wine cellar is a smorgasbord of choice that can entice any oenophile,..oh but to spend the weekend exploring it all. The wines have an extremely low carbon footprint too.

Well, it is whispered that a top chef is augmenting the Ratschen. A 3 Hauben chef would make our village feature again in Viennese circles. Did I mention that there are ten cottages for hire on the premises? Oh yes, arrive on a Friday and be on the receiving end of a round of culinary treats lubricated with a harmonious glass of wine matched perfectly from an extensive array of our wines.

Having been on the receiving end of Vienna traffic and the time it takes to go anywhere within Vienna, I am astounded and amazed that not more Viennese take a quick trip to our area for a weekend away? Good golly, it takes me 2 hours and an accomplished Viennese driver a mere 90 minutes...( Have a look at the Ratschen )

Thoughts are unbound and tend to flit into all directions. This morning I wanted to show you the road less traveled through our forest as it did receive a light dusting of powdery snow yesterday morning.

Romantic, isn't it? The stillness of this winter morning was only broken by the hopping about of birds on crackling leaves.
Finding beauty in the ordinary...
Sturdy and patient but comfortingly, ever present.
All roads in our village do lead to vines!

By the way, here is a link to Wine Tasting Event for 3 of our top Vintners in cities around Austria.