Monday, 12 January 2015

Winter: There One Day And Gone The Next.

Winter in its various guises.

When I saw this, it made me think of a perfectly layered cake. Or rather a slice of Winter with all layers included.
A resolute Winter weed swaying in the Wintry gusts now and again.
Oh, I know it's just a bit of snow melting away, but I love the contrast it gives to the dominant green blades of grass. Amazing that it is still so vividly green underneath the layer of snow, frost or otherwise.
The dormant farmland seems gentle and insignificant. Yet, this is the most precious thing one can own. This is where our food is grown and harvested. The lifeblood of any economy and country.
The Eisenberg forest is in the background and the Eisenberg breadbasket in the foreground. The vines that keep us merry are in between.
The loner overlooking his realm. He more than likely knows each and ever worm turning in the fields and pastures below him. Field mice might also not escape his eagle eyes and be part of his dinner...