Saturday, 24 January 2015

What's Worse Than Not Winning The Lotto?

Picking all the correct numbers and not collecting your millions before the deadline!

Eh, no, it didn't happen to me but almost to a guy in France. The other day they had a news segment on the radio which sent a cold shiver down my spine and I am sure that others felt it too. How could it not.

A guy in France had purchased a Lotto ticket some time back but had never got around to having it checked. Again, who doesn't? So this little slip of paper ( called dream makers by some ), was in his wallet next to other miscellaneous stuff....receipts, money etc.

For all we know, this little slip might have easily gone the way of other receipts. Straight into the bin. But lucky for this chap, his guardian angels must have nudged him along to go and have this Lotto slip seen to. Yes, he scanned it at the shop.

Somehow I can just picture him buying a packet of cigarettes, some chips, possibly a cool drink and casually holding out his Lotto slip for a scan. Maybe he was excepting a few quid to come his way or that eternal Sorry, try again, but I am fairly sure he wasn't expecting to win over 70 million Euros....


Woohoo for him. But the punchline and the line that made me break out in cold sweat, was when they said:

He collected his winnings just in time. A few weeks later, and the winnings would have been forfeited.

When I told Bob this story, he immediately rounded up those few stray tickets we have lying about to take to the shop. They say one shouldn't trust the Internet and maybe my habit of only using it for verifying my chances of a life of ease must stop.

Of course the only other alternative is to go to our village shop...but as the opening song of Cheers says:

It's a place where everyone knows your name!

Make today your Lotto check day; you never know...