Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Getting A Birthday Invite In The Post, Or In Person Is The Best.

And not just when you are young.

Let's face it, in this era of Internet and fastness hardly anyone still sends proper invites in the post. Emails and brief notices on your Smartphones are more the norm. Brevity is sort of a given with the new language of abbreviations, numbers and symbols.

Well, I got home from a job yesterday and Bob couldn't wait to tell me that we had received a birthday invite in the postbox. You'd think that both of us had been transported back to the days of childhood birthday parties. Maybe we were because to be honest I did briefly recall those delightful goody bags we all used to get.

Treats for all and not just the birthday gal / boy. As if eating cake and sweets to our hearts content wasn't enough, we'd all take home some extra ration of sugar...how did our parents get us to sleep when we were on such a sugar high?

Well, of course we won't be taking home any goody bags but it would be wise for us to put on stretch pants. Everyone here is so generous and sharing with others is how it's done.It's just fabulous how they have included us with open arms.

Another friend has also invited us to her birthday bash. She did it in person and again it feels nice. Even the non-round milestones are celebrated and as this one is a whisker away from us, Bob and I needn't do Rock, paper, scissors for designated driving.

This last year we have been privileged to attend some 50th birthday affairs in our circle of friends and acquaintances. It feels jolly nice and in a way it might give you a clue to our age more or less!

As for our ages: At one of the recent English lessons, we went through the various ages.

" I am five."
" I am four."
" I am thirty " ...was heard from Bob, trying to stir the pot.
" No. Are you really that old already? Yuk, thirty."
well, if only you could have seen Bob's grin. It spread from ear to ear because it has been a long time since he was thought to be under 30.

Of course, the cherry on the cake was when one of the little boys said:

Biggi, why are you married to such an old man? " ...oh my, you should have seen my grin!