Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Our Love For Immortals On Paper Or Celluloid.

A whole new world it seems.

Women of a certain age ( or at least this woman ) fell in love with the first immortal of stature I saw on screen. Who could resist the Highlander when he was played by Christopher Lambert. Oh my and in a kilt to boot. This was before the time of DVDs and still on a video cassette. Frankly, I watched it so often that the tape gave out in the end.

Move forward a few decades and a new phenomena was lauded onto the world. These novels were the stories needed to entice teenagers ( and many oldies ) back to reading. Make no mistake about it, The Twilight Saga was one of the best romance series I have read. Yes, romance mingled with the immortal vampires and werewolves.

Just like everyone else, I was enthralled with the Twilight movies but one day I happened to see a new series on TV. After the first episode I was entirely hooked and suddenly the Twilight Saga was not the top favourite anymore.

Vampire Diaries is amazingly addictive despite being inundated with plenty of immortal characters. The vampires do their thing or rather bare their fangs but despite it all, they have this endearing human side to them.

Naturally there is the heroine who lives up to her name of being mostly heroic, always nice and very beautiful.The typical damsel in distress. She would have to be if two vampires constantly vie for her love.

What is it about the idea of immortality coupled with superhuman strength that makes this such fun to watch? Yes, the actors are all dishy with the required six pack and googly eyes but despite this, they portray that chivalrous side which is an unbeatable if not the main trait we all want in our men.

Every now and again new characters are introduced into the series. Some more bloodthirsty and cruel than others yet they still manage to give them an adorable human side. The actors are well chosen because they give such a lovable quality to even the most horrific immortal. Luckily they have even started a spin off series...The Originals. Yeah.

Deep down we are all teenagers at heart. It doesn't matter how old we are, a good romance is unbeatable. If you ever get a chance, the Vampire Diaries is well worth giving a try. By the way, it is not just women who love it. Bob, who at first was slightly scathing about watching this series is now nearly more of a Vampire Diary addict than I...


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