Monday, 5 January 2015

Burgenland's History Dates Back To The 4th Century...B.C !

Ooh, endless possibilities for the budding detectorists.

I already know how beautiful Burgenland is. To be fair, so far I've only really been privy to our southern part of it. Südburgenland as it is known. That's the thing about this stunning part of Austria, it has everything from luscious pastures via friendly people to its divine & award winning wines. Travelling to different parts somehow seems unnecessary.

As for my enthusing about our fabulous wines, I do so out of my love for it and voluntarily...although, if a secret wine Santa were to leave a few bottles of wine on our doorstep, I would be polite and drink it!

Some of our local vintners have hinted that the vineyards have been there even during Roman times. That alone is fascinating beyond words and maybe a cause to have a second glass of the local Blaufränkisch red wines.

To be honest, I merely glimpsed through an online reference about Burgenland and its history and still need to study it in more detail. But I wasn't expecting it to have a prehistoric record...Indo-European people, Celts and the Roman Empire to name but a few entries.

Different cultures, fiefdoms and royalties must have left their footprint on Burgenland. Most of it hidden underneath the scenic and rolling landscape. Could one liken Burgenland to an onion that reveals layer upon layer of historical artifacts? Majestic and definitely magnetic to us budding detectorists.

People being people, there have of course been wars and carnage in our area. Unfortunatley the ancient tradition of war and fighting wasn't left behind in history as the plow and horses / bow and arrow were.

We all know that the dark side of humanity has remained and grown in might ( personally I hope that it comes to an end soon and when they ban the manufacturing of weapons everywhere, we might get lucky and have a peaceful existence worldwide ).

Bob has also been gripped by the detectorist fever and almost burst my bubble when he told me that there are already a few thousand detectorists here in Burgenland...Shoo, so far I haven't detected anyone with a long stick except for German tourists and a few locals demonstrating the art of Nordic Walking...