Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Colourful Woodpecker On A Dreary Winter's Morning.

Birding does look like fun even when you're young.

Halfway into my walk yesterday I happened past a friends house and she waved me in for a pit stop. Oh, I thought, why not. We had a bit of a chinwag and then we saw the woodpecker pecking away. The only way I could take this shot was through her bathroom window.
Aren't his colours divine? All his incessant knocking is forgiven...
The woodpecker had flown off but there were plenty of interesting features in my friend's garden. Even in winter. Honestly, I don't know what grows on these twigs, but they are jolly nice to behold on a dreary winter's day. A vibrant red. A shrub planted especially for those occasions where all other colour is hibernating.
Looking at this colour combination is extremely soothing for me.
Still part of the garden. Living among the vineyards is special. A pile of wood here and a row of vines there...what more could one want?
A cheeky little thing indeed. Not scared at all. Hop hop and suddenly it was gone...but not before having a mouthful of seeds. This bird feeding station must be well liked among the bird community. On the edge is a big tree where the next lot were already lining up and awaiting their turn. Lovely.
Nature is rather amazing. Growing each and every blade the crinkle cut way. This garden has many points of interest.
I know this picture has elements of grey and dreary but isn't it nice to see the yellow buds opening? A nice feature among the rocks. Next time the sun is out, I'll try and get a brighter version...