Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sunrise, Felled Trees And A Cheeky Lumberjack.

A walk on the felled side.

A sunrise over Deutsch Schützen seems bundled with a feeling of living next to the ocean and endless possibilities to be had. Either the church spire is a beacon in the midst of a sea of fog or the sun brings out a layer of deep blue on the horizon.

By the way, the mound on the right is the new water tower paradoxically built like a bunker on the highest point overlooking the village.

By now you should know that I like both sunrises and sunsets. Each individual one gives such a fabulous background to trees, vines or churches.
A gateway to endless dreaming and the joy of being lost in your thoughts...woolgathering!
A freshly felled tree with grooves galore. The scent wafting in the air had me hovering for a few minutes. Comforting.
The inner wood is still so pure in colour.
Clearly someone had a bit of fun! The totem stump on the side of the did give me a good chuckle when I saw it!