Monday, 24 November 2014

Bob and I Discover Real Peanuts.

Do you even know what a peanut still in it's shell looks like?

Since my discovery on Saturday the two of us could be mistaken for a pair of monkeys. The supermarkets are running a special on peanuts. The hulled kind. 1 kg for Euro 3,99 and when you consider that shelled almonds sell for over 2 Euros for 200g, buying a bag of peanuts made sense.

When I got home and showed Bob, he mumbled something along the lines of

" Why didn't you get almonds? "
oh well at least I would have the whole packet to myself. With great foresight, I put a piece of paper over the keyboard and proceeded to shell peanuts and puzzle online.

It only took the first shelled peanut to make me a fan. Oh my gosh, how divine. Tasty and oh so moreish. Cracking the shell ( and I found I could do it with one hand ) made a bit of a crackling noise and sure as nuts, it attracted Bob. When I came back from a bathroom break, there he was with his own bowls of peanuts.

" These remind me of my childhood and how we ate them at the Durban harbour. If my Dad were here, he would finish the whole packet."

Someone should invent a bib for eating peanuts. Cracking that pliable shell makes it splatter into pieces and everywhere. Both of our chairs are surrounded by bits of shell. Bob is a bit more adapt than I am as it isn't his first time monkeying about with peanuts...

How often do we forget the pleasures that simple things hold in store. Of course you can buy shelled and salted peanuts, but you would miss out on all the fun and exercise of de-shelling a peanut. Shelling peanuts is so easy, a monkey could do it....

Bob has also discovered that making peanut butter is really easy and so a trip back to the store for a few more bags is inevitable!


As you can see, our stash has shrunk alarmingly...

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