Monday, 10 November 2014

Walking About With A Slice Of Salami Dangling Precariously Between My Fingers.

All in a day's work...

In a way I should be grateful that no buzzards or some such made a grab for that one slice of salami between my fingers. Now that would be a thrilling bit of adventure indeed.

But, this whole salami saga started on Saturday night. Even in mouse circles, a Saturday night seems to be the night to live it up. Good grief, most of the night our little lodger, the mouse, kept making loud noises in the kitchen. Many a times I jumped up to see and encountered the ire of Bob. He was snoozing ( and snoring so loudly that no mouse would ever come near ) on the couch and resented being woken by my loudly stomping about.

Who would want to step on a mouse? Of course I needed to make a noise while walking over to the kitchen. But what put me in a tizz, is when I heard a noise underneath me, somewhere in my pull out couch. Oh, believe me, I slept the night somewhere else ( and as they say with one eye open ) and promised myself to get a mousetrap tout de suite from Kainz.

My Sunday route is a different one because of our fresh bread roll habit. But I thought I would kill two proverbial birds with one stone. There is a magnificent autumn leaved tree just before one gets to Eisenberg and when we drove passed it on Saturday it looked so breathtakingly divine that I wanted to take a photo of it. Naturally by the time I got there Sunday morning, the memory was nicer than the reality.

Kainz, our tearoom, is open on Sundays and sells those fresh bread rolls. As it is only about 800 meters from our house, I looped my walk to end it in that direction. As you can imagine, the fresh bread rolls tempt a lot of villagers out on a Sunday. There is only a finite number of rolls to be had.

Rolls in a bag, I went to the mouse section ( oh yes, there is one ) and chose the simple traps. Bread rolls in one hand an mouse trap in the other...

Frau Kainz, could you slice me just one slice of salami please? "
when she looked at me a little strangely, I held up the mouse traps and she understood and disappeared to the back, to slice the salami for me.

In the meantime, rather a lively and entertaining conversation in regards to catching a mouse ensued with one of the other customer...until Frau Kainz came back with a slice of salami. Not wrapped at all.

Having paid already and knowing said slice was on the house, I didn't want to be forward and ask for a bag. I took that oily piece of salami and held it in my fingers.

Those of you who live in our area, know that when you don't want to be seen, everyone sees you! Law of village living.

Even though the way home from Kainz has a few dogs and cats living along the route, none saw fit to grabbing my slice of salami. Of course, fast forward to this morning and it seems that our mouse is also not partial to this salami. Either the mouse left for tastier pastures or it was so exhausted from Saturday night's rumblings, that it slept off all its excesses...

Note to myself: next time I go to get a treat for our mouse, take a bag of sorts...