Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Can You Remember How Many Diets You Have Tried In You Life?

Have any of them helped?

In a way, the phrase Weight-loss Diet should really be named an oxymoron. Who ever looses weight with one? We should be a world wide nation of slender peeps. If not, why do we still fall for the next best one?

Someone said the other day that the minute you have a gathering of more than one woman, the subject of diets and loosing weight comes up.

That does reminds me of Shakespeare & Macbeth:

When shall we three meet again: In thunder, lightning or in rain?
and how we could adapt it to :
When shall we three meet again In thinness, thickness or in vain?

Off the top of my head, here are some diets I've either tried or heard about:

  • The cabbage soup diet. An exhaust-ing week of only cabbage!
  • The Banting diet. The new kid on the kitchen block. Let me know whether you can do that for ever...Surely walking passed a bakery and getting a whiff of freshly baked bread will make you weak in your knees?
  • Weight Watchers. Tried, lost & gained.
  • The alternative day diet: A few locals swear by it. You can eat everything you like on only alternate days. Otherwise nothing.
  • The Blood Type diet: Goodness, they allow one so little food on it ( albeit your blood group's favourite ) that anyone would have lost weight.
  • The Detox diet.
  • The Low Calorie diet. That should knock all the others out of the race.
  • The Atkins diet. The forefather of the Banting perhaps?
  • The Raw Food diet.
  • The Zone diet.

My list has only scratched the surface and it'll be nice to hear your about your diets.


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