Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Those Birds Of A Feather, Do Flock Together.

Twittering is happening everywhere in Eisenberg.

It makes a nice change to hear a chorus of tweeters serenading at all hours of the day. Morning, noon and night it seems. Even this late in the year our bird life is in full swing. The only irritating member of the chorus seems to live just across the road from our bedroom ...the woodpecker. How can a little bird like that can make such a drumming beat...?

Here are some of them. Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. All sweetness indeed. It is not so easy to photograph birds as they scatter at the drop of a pin, never mind my pins.
The lone outsider wanted to hide behind non-existent leaves. Ha, easy work for me. Some of the birds have an innate sense of style and know how to pose to their best advantage.
Bob has decided to up the food ante over Winter. We have a bag of bird food and throw handfuls of it on our kitchen garden in the mornings. Gosh, it is a hive of activity. I came back from my walk and saw a lovely display of speed-diving for sunflower seeds.
The bird almost blends in, doesn't it? The center stage of feeding. A week into our feeding and the seeds barely touch the ground before they get picked up.

When they became aware of me, it took a while of standing still before they ventured out again. This little fellow reminds me so much of a masked superhero. His stance, look and glance. Isn't his plumage amazing in its detail?
Appropriately he had had enough of me and turned his other cheek. I got the message and left them alone.


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