Friday, 14 November 2014

Three Cheers For Plain Old Processed Cheese!

the current mouse saga seems to have paused.

These last few blog posts have seen me go into mouse-hysterics, mouse overdrive and perhaps a slight bit of mouse melodrama. A little thing like a mouse...

Those of you who have had the pleasure and excitement of a mouse in the house will have performed their own bit of mouse drama and fully understand my hysterics...and have maybe even surpassed it!

Gosh, that phrase mouse in the house always reminds me of that episode of Friends ( #3/13 ), where Gunther famously says to Phoebie's boyfriend:

" Hey buddy, this is a family place. Put the mouse back in the house."

Friends Superbox - Die Jahre 1994-2004 (41 Discs)(exklusiv bei

Yesterday morning was the zenith of our mouse saga. Washing the dishes ( still stamping my feet every now and then! ), I kept on hearing our mouse guest nagging away behind the kitchen counter. The traps laden with peanut butter where untouched, so I thought that maybe I should dangle a plain bit of process cheese over it.

Thought turned into action and when I came back from a trip to the bathroom, lo and behold, the cheese had gone! Ha, this cheese was the winner. The tempter of mice! Nothing fancy but a processed cheese slice. Bob was out on an errand, so I re-did another trap, hoping for capture.

I had barely turned around and our mouse had pulled the cheese from the trap. An un-sprung trap! Well, there was only one thing to do. Wait for Bob.

When I told him how the mouse liked this cheese, he redid the trap a la Bob, but muttered that the mouse was full after pulling off two lots of my cheese bits.

One doesn't like to boast about it, but when 5 minutes later the loud snap of the trap reverberated around our kitchen, we were relieved. Our mouse guest was no more. A relief, even though we set up patrols in case there where far so good.

To be honest, we both felt bad for a while, but the alternative of having a rodent put its stamp on all your things ( edible or not ) is worse.


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