Friday, 28 November 2014

The Christmas Cheer Turns Into Pressure Of Peers.

How immune are you?

The first clue that Christmas is imminent ( such as 2 months away ) is the sound of Christmas songs sung by Boney M blaring in all the shops. The first time it is cute but it tends to get a bit much. On the plus side is the fact that most of us can recite those words of each song verbatim!

Once we've grown up there isn't much we still need. I mean things that friends give us for Christmas. There should be an unwritten rule, that no one buys presents for anyone over 18.

Naturally spouses and children are excluded from said rule!!!!
Merely buying something because that's the norm is not good. Hands up who hasn't received presents from friends or family, which you have either never used or used them once and realized that they have only one use or are useless. I know that sounds harsh considering it was a gift, but rather donate money to a worthy cause.

Withstanding a wish list in its entirety from your kids takes courage and fortitude. How do you explain and teach your child that

" I have to have an Ipad / Iphone / Xbox / Grand Theft Auto 20 because all my friends have it!"
is not a reason to have something.

Look, I am not going to rehash that uniform chant of parents the world over:

In my day I walked to school barefoot for 10 km in the snow, so you should be grateful if you get a pair of shoes!
But really, don't you think that the kids of today have a tad bit too much stuff? Do they even play or use all of it? No, they look at it for a few moments or possibly days before it looses its lustre. Never mind that as parents you have properly done the old swipe of your credit card.
Oh yes, you will be paying off the presents you buy for your children much longer than your children will play or use them!

It is impossible not to buy presents this holiday season, but how about if for each new present you buy or receive, you give something away to charity?


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