Sunday, 5 August 2018

Another Kellergassen Fest Come And Gone.

A hot summer's evening cooled with cold wine.

To be honest, I didn't have any inclination to go to our Eisenberg Kellergassen Fest as the temperatures at seven in the evening were still over thirty degrees and we had planned to walk there.

Bob made a plan and we drove ( which of course meant a healthy adult attitude to wine consumption for one of us ) to the top and naturally we found a great parking space due to many having eschewed the Fest because of the hot weather.

There were only five wine stations this time around but in the end, that was more than enough. I think the only reason Bob was so keen to go was the lure of Langos being sold at the first station. Langos, a deep fried dough the size of a dinner plate drizzled with garlic. Yummy and addictive to those in the know. As couples one should make sure the other has one too or find a different place to sleep that night. Garlic aplenty.

Drinking wine in hot climes means having to change one's thinking and I suppose drinking. Ice cubes in wine are essential even though it waters down most of its defining qualities. Honestly, at over thirty degrees nobody is that fazed with quality. As long as the flavour is nice and the wine chilled all is well. Luckily this year most of the stands had ice cubes on offer.

Asking to have an ice cube put into one's wine is akin to a sin most of the time but thankfully yesterday no eyebrows were raised and if so, it was more out of envy.

To end the evening off Bob took me to Weber's Buschenschank in the village and that was a nice way close the chapter on another good day. Amazingly they had a Vegan salad option on their menu and not mere lettuce either. Avocado, sweet melon, cashew nuts and smoked tofu was a great combination but more than anything, I loved the fact that they have gone the extra mile and put it on the menu...don't forget, our part of Burgenland is firmly steeped in the consumption of meat.


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