Friday, 3 August 2018

Photo Booth, Clothes Pegs And A Fun Time.

Another fiftieth birthday party.

Gosh, at the moment the half centuries are falling everywhere. The 1960's must have been a good decade! Bob and I had the fortune of being invited to one yesterday and it was great fun.

It started at a reasonable time; six o'clock which made the welcoming glass of champagne most enjoyable. A sort of sun-downer but with a difference. Did I mention that the half century belongs to a wine farmer?

As we got to the table moonlighting as an entrance, we were handed a big empty wine glass with a thin stem as well as being asked our names. The mystery of it was explained when they wrote our names on the wooden clothes pegs and pegged these onto our wine glass stems.

At first I took it to be a designer gimmick, but you know as the evening progressed we were glad of it. It being held on a wine estate you can imagine that none of us were ever thirsty, in fact we were given a front row seat at tasting all the delicious wines held back for special occasions.

There were many guests at our table but they often got up to either smoke or chat to someone. Glasses galore on the table but as you guessed, we never mixed them up plus, remembering names was a breeze...if the peg was facing the right way that is!

They had also organized a photo booth and asked each guest to take a snapshot with the Birthday Boy. Imagine, there must have been at least one hundred guests yet he had a great time having photos taken with his many friends. Bob and I took a photo with him and what fun it was grinning at that machine awaiting the flash to go off. Great stuff and when the photo popped out old school, we stuck it in a photo album with a comment. Isn't that a fabulous idea? Goes to show that the older we get the more fun we have...


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