Friday, 10 August 2018

Timekeeping The Eisenberg Way.

Another weekend is upon us.

Not long after we moved here I stopped wearing a watch. My cousin had told me about the electromagnetic interference a wrist watch could produce and I thought, why not, let me try it. Surprisingly enough I can keep an almost accurate time schedule without one and only now and again making use of our alarm clock. I don't rely on our cell phone either as it usually gets banished to another corner of the house.

So back to Eisenberg and its timely hints. Friday afternoons at half past three the butcher's truck meanders slowly up Dorfstrasse while at the same time hooting a mini concert to lure housewives out their kitchens. Oh, and to remind me of the time. Unless someone can't make up their minds about the style of Sunday's roast, the butcher is a pretty accurate time piece.

Wouldn't it be fabulous if a truck filled with fresh seasonal vegetables from a neighbouring farmer were to compliment the butcher's? Might not be a bad idea either to double up farmers' markets with mobile greengrocers. If it can work for butchers, ice cream vendors and bakers, then why not for greengrocers!

Ironically, Saturdays get rude reminders of noon with the fire siren blasting a steady shrill and rather long klaxon sound. If one wasn't up before, that shrill siren will do the trick. No rest for late night clubbers. The noon call does help herd many a husband back home to a nice cooked family lunch.

Having these timely reminders makes me feel at home, rooted and oddly nostalgic for those times when time was kept exactly like that...


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