Saturday, 11 August 2018

Felines Rule.

Tiggi, my heroine.

As you know, she and I have a ritual at feeding time; a long cuddle first and then din dins. Gosh, in her old age she has taken to Bob and I, become a mother hen to Mausi who by the way ignores her totally, and has shed most of her fear toward humans and revealed her true heart. A one in a million cat.

The older she gets the thinner she looks which is why I tend to go and spoil her with a double helping of food at night. One can of the best ( Mausi doesn't like certain flavours so I re-gift them ) and a sachet of the normal stuff. A feline rice and gravy affair. She is ever so grateful for any and all food we give her and has manners enough to finish what's on her plate unlike certain other prima donna's.

Last night or rather early this morning the princess and I migrated to the lounge where I opened the window wide, hoping like crazy that during my odd phases of slumber Mausi wouldn't tear through the mosquito netting and abscond into the dark yonder. Whenever I wake to turn onto my side I first look to see that she's still on the right side of the window. Tiggi often is on the other side, keeping an eye on her.

A sound other than a pretend murder on TV woke me. A howling, whining and hissing fit outside. Tiggi was defending her window perch to her lungs content or perhaps she was guarding Mausi from a strange tomcat doing the rounds. I have never heard her so defensive which makes me wonder if it wasn't the fox. Mausi was shaking in her boots and eventually jumped onto my lap for safety. Her guardian meanwhile was moving to the next level of defense; she threw herself off the sill at who or whatever was lingering below it. Accompanied by a healthy feline war cry.

Knowing that I couldn't interfere never mind how dark it was outside, I went back to sleep hoping she'd be okay. When I woke up later on I was thrilled to see her sitting looking in, all in one piece as if nothing had happened. A cat in a million. She has taken our darling under her wing and so far has made sure to protect her from any dangers. Tomcats mostly! I think she deserves those extra treats on a daily basis...


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