Thursday, 2 August 2018

Rain, Glorious Rain.

At last the heavens gave way.

We have all been sweltering and wilting away in these extremely hot temperatures lately. It felt like forever but perhaps was only for a week or two. Enough though to give colour to most of our faces.

The hot and humid climes have been a constant companion day and night. Unless blessed with an air-conditioner, life is pretty much spent trying our best to shake off this awful cloying heat. Sleep, what sleep, mainly next to an open window although that has its own dangers...a slew of late night re-runs of Medical Detectives makes any leaf turning over a danger equipped with a knife.

Since about ten this morning clouds of all shapes, sizes and colours have fought for front row positions above us. Only now, several hours later have they clashed enough to sprinkle rain drops on us. Not many but enough to let us know that an end to the horrid heat wave might be on the cards.

Farmers conceivably have felt that famous itch in their palm / finger / toes as most of the fields and acres surrounding our villages have been mowed, harvested and turned. A selected few have had the pleasure of getting soaked in manure. Fresh ones, from the odor wafting from it.

Alas, the famous raindrops of a moment ago have whittled down to a few spits and splats barely enough to satisfy a thirsty garden. Never mind, we still have a day or two's worth of rain water saved up from the last bout of rain and once that is finished, we can use our well at the top garden.


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