Monday, 3 September 2012

Character Traits ...

In Burgenland or anywhere else they seem the same !

Being a teetotaller has a few interesting side effects. Mainly, of course, is the fact that you always wake up feeling fine, after a night out. Enough said about that...

At any party that has alcohol, people tend to become more pronounced in their behaviour. Shy people suddenly start to respond to others, funny ones, start to tell more jokes ( which only they think are funny ), morose ones feel even sadder about all, and irritating ones get even more so !

But it is also fun to watch the dancing, preening and general bonhomie. There was one man, in his early forties, who was talking, no, more showing off, to a lady in her early twenties. The fact that she listened to him ( maybe out of respect for elders ), and was rather good looking, ensured that he stood up straighter and pulled his stomach in. I think at some stage he even brushed his rather sparse hair back...while his wife was standing next to him rolling her eyes, yet trying to listen, just in case !

At Saturday's wine tasting, they had a traditional band playing. The band members are over 50, but they got the crowd singing and dancing. It is so nice to see, that here in Burgenland, everyone likes to dance. Not the modern disco type, but proper dancing, where you hold each other by the arms.

Towards the end of the evening they played a song that should be " Twisted " to. A sixties tune. Bob nudged me in amazement." Look at your mum ", he pointed towards the dance floor.
There was my Mum twisting away like a teenager, with more aplomb and energy, than anyone else. When she came off the dance floor, Bob almost bowed in awe and respect to her.
" Monika, your dancing was so great. I can't believe it. Where did you learn that ? " To which my mum beamingly replied,
" Bob those are the songs of my era. When I was a teenager, we all danced like this ! "

The next day Bob said to me, " I can't believe what a cool mother-in-law I have ! "


They got the crowd dancing !

So proud of my mum, and how she can twist like that.