Sunday, 9 September 2012

Family time spent the " Modern " way.

Getting everyone to sit together as a family.

When I was growing up we spent our days ( apart from being in school ) outside. Just playing and having fun. Most of the kids in the village played together. Climbing tress, building tree houses, exploring the countryside or just hanging out. The ages ranged from very young to ancient
( teenagers ). During the holidays, we used to be outside from after breakfast and had to be dragged in before supper.

At my house, after a necessary bath and supper, we mostly watched shows on TV, together as a family. The annoying thing that I remember about it, was that my older brother could watch longer than I, resulting in a few pouts and grumbles from me !

My mum always used to tell me, that in their day they either played cards together or played
( with instruments ) music, as a family. I think she wanted to show me, how lucky I was to watch some TV. Of course being young, I never appreciated that fact.

This morning, I watched a program on BBC...Click. As I was playing a game on Facebook and watching at the same time, I nearly fell off my chair, when I heard the presenter say something along the line of : Watching TV is the new way to spend time together as a Family.

Giving it some thought, I realized that everyone has their own computer or smart phone, which usually means that we are all involved in our own world. It kind of makes sense when considering this, that watching TV together in the lounge, is the new " modern " way to spend time as a family.

Of course this is why the TV's get bigger and better...


Here are two quotes from a Website of Mark Twain's quotes, I found so amazing:
" A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval."

" When your friends begin to flatter you on how young you look, it's a sure sign you getting old."