Saturday, 5 December 2015

A Bit Of Old Fashioned Slang To Start The Weekend.

As old as the hills...

Amen Curler
...A parish clerk.
Babes In The Wood
...Criminals in the stocks, or pillory.
Belly Timber
...Food of all sorts.
Blowse, Or Blowsabella.
...A woman whose hair is dishevelled, and hanging about her face; a slattern.
...An upholsterer.
Christmas Compliments
...A cough, kibed heels, and a snotty nose.
...A mistress.
A Fart Catcher
...A valet or footman, from his walking behind his master or mistress.
...A dismal countenance. Before, and even long after the Reformation, Friday was a day of abstinence.
...A parson: from joining men and women together in matrimony.