Saturday, 26 December 2015

Gosh, The English Are Extremely Fortunate To Have Her Majesty, The Queen.

What a wonderful anchor in our turbulent times.

By chance I saw part of the Christmas message that the Queen shares with the world. Through the years while living in a former part of the British Empire, I have seen countless of these. But this morning, it dawned on me what a special envoy of comfort and a sense of safety the Queen is.

Who can believe that such an energetic woman is turning 90 this coming year? Where others, a generation younger than her are bemoaning this that and the other while sitting on their couch, this lady still has engagements, responsibilities and clarity.

Sometimes I wonder what the Second World War generation makes of our current troubles? They have survived unbelievable hardships and not just for a few weeks at a time, but for a full six years of it. Even the times following the war, were hardly a piece of cake.

Shops were bare, houses destroyed, food often non-existent and friends and family no more. In our modern obsession with consumerism, at times we laughed at the war generation for their frugality, thriftiness and modesty. Why wait when you can buy it on credit?

They were the generation who saved up and then bought where as we are the generation who buys and then cries...Who's having the last laugh now... Yet, precisely this thrifty generation is aware of what is important to a life, to live a happy life and to be content.

Things have no meaning, but health, family and time to enjoy them, does.

The Queen is that beacon of hope that most of us do look for. Someone who tells us that it will be alright or at least someone to be there alongside us while the going is tough. The nation's Grandmother, who will tell you if you have made a mistake, will tell you to get over it and to tell you that life goes on.

So, I for one, feel that the British are extremely lucky to have such a special woman behind them and her own family even more so. To have heard her mention how she is blessed by being able to have her children, grandchildren & great-grandchildren decorate the Christmas tree, brought home that all important sense of togetherness and family. Simply marvelous...