Friday, 25 December 2015

At Heart I'm Still A Bavarian Gal.

A Schweinsbraten & Knödel it is for Christmas Day Lunch...

We are hosting a luncheon for my folks at our house this afternoon and yours truly will attempt to make it. Luncheon sounds a tad bit too grand because it is going to be a roast, Knödel and cucumber salad. Dessert is still not a definite but I think it might be a dash of something from Aloisa's.

Bob was panicking that we would all go hungry with such a meager offering, that he organized a few snacks just in case. Personally I tend to think that he saw an opportunity of putting extras into our shopping trolley that we normally don't eat.

At my in-law's family Christmas affairs, the tables are usually groaning with the numerous dishes on them. Often it is a case of twenty family members coming for the Christmas lunch and as most bring a dish or two along, it explains the plentifully laden tables. Let's see how our luncheon will fare. We have plenty of wines & beer on offer so that at least that part of the meal will be enough.

When I told my Dad, who is on the other side of the world about our plans for today's lunch, his mouth started to any authentic Bavarian, there is nothing more traditional nor better than a Schweinsbraten & Knödel for a meal. Heartwarming and great tasting food.

In fact, a few hours ago my Dad sent me an email with a fabulous painting ( made by him on his iPad ) of how he imagined the meal will turn out..." From your lips to God's ears. " He might be a world away, but he is as close as an iSwipe or a Skype.

Of course, I haven't made a lot of Schweinsbraten before but isn't it the thought that counts? Whatever happens to the roast, the crusty crunchy crackling will be fought over by all of us. The dumplings could also be in danger of missing the fluffiness that most of them have and rather resemble a heavy stone...but never mind, it's the meal had together as a family that counts.

Anyway, I am very grateful to be able to cook a lunch and to share it with loved ones.