Thursday, 24 December 2015

A Merry Christmas From Our Beautiful Eisenberg.

A picture book walk in nature.

It almost seems like a fairy tale setting. The sun's rays are just awakening the beautiful foliage slumbering on the floor. The rustiness of winter. A walk in the Deutsch Schützen forest was an appropriate curtain raiser for Christmas.
Isn't it amazing how the bright green of summer still peeps out underneath the slight autumn reds of the leaves...I have it on good authority, that this particular bit of the forest is inundated with mushrooms, during the mushroom season. I am still a bit wary of picking any, as I am not so sure which are poisonous and which are not!
What magic are you thinking of right now? This is a path in our forest, but it can easily be a path to unlock the imagination.
Even though this lane leads into Deutsch Schützen, it might be a lane from the pages of a Jane Austin novel. Too divine.
Another view of the delightful chapel. Even when viewed through the thorny bushes, it makes an impression.
A friend and her dog walked with me yesterday and showed me this delightful side of the forest. Johnny, her dog, gave his approval. Happiness & contentment is not difficult to achieve.