Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Home For The Holidays...

An interesting insight.

Bob and I sure know how to pick our shopping days. Afterwards we are never sure why we actually went to town, but at the time it seems the only thing on our horizon. Even circling any regional shopping center two days before Christmas is a touch questionable.

It is supposed to be the season to be jolly, but moving around the halls of the malls, one stumbles into rather a lot of irate people. Perhaps they are irate because they can't carry anymore parcels, or because they couldn't get a certain gift or they had too overcome the traumatic experience of finding a parking space right in front of the entrance...Nobody seems to want to walk a few hundred meters anymore...

On the way home, we stopped at a supermarket and it was too funny to see all the students home for the holidays. There they were, walking up and down the isles with their mothers and girlfriends, lamenting the fact that this or that can only be had in Vienna, Graz or Eisenstadt.

Oh yes, the groovy people have descended into Burgenland. Just like the big city folks can spot a country bumpkin, so we country bumpkins can spot a dandified city'son. Even though they've only been in the trendy environs a few months or a year, they seem to have perfected the city look and sound. Yet, it was great to see that underneath their new plumage they were kids after all. A lot of childhood favourites were put into trollies.

Bob and I did get some morsels for our Maus at the pet emporium and as it is the silly season, we splashed out on some better rations of cat food. Only the best for our Princess...well, both of us were pleased as punch to give our Maus a royal feast and Bob built up the suspense for her:

" Ooh, my little darling. Look what Daddy has got for you. Yummy chicken. Oooh! "
somehow, I think you know how this story ends...our princess didn't like it at all and as I am old school versus Bob's new school, we are still arguing on whether we should let her eat it or put out something new...