Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Forgetfulness Is Not The Sole Property Of Old Age.

Sometimes forgetting to do something might just be normal.

It almost seems like another punishment of growing older. The moment you forget anything, youthful relations tend to put you into a box. The box of forgetfulness and let's just hope they don't forget you in it.

Just this morning, I discovered yet another forgotten moment. For some reason I had not switched off the stove after cooking on it and it was on all night. Don't panic, it was on the lowest setting and nothing happened. Was I forgetful? Of course, but nowadays we have so many thoughts to keep in a juggling position, almost like flight controllers keep flights on course.

Most of us inundate our daily lives with just too many things. The promise of technology to make our lives easier, has actually done the opposite. All those smart apps on our Mobiles, take time to ponder, peruse and use. Precious mental time. Is it any wonder that we forget to do mundane and ordinary stuff?

It has been said that doing crosswords, reading a newspaper, playing cards and exercise will strengthen your memory and help prevent memory loss. Isn't it sad, that exactly these activities, which were normal and done daily twenty or thirty years ago, have been kicked out of many homes by the X-box, lap top, Playstation, Smartphone and digital TV. How will the current bunch of 30 somethings cope in thirty years time?

...careful about throwing stones in a glass house...

To be honest, forgetting to take out the rubbish, do the dishes or clean the bathroom could very well be Bob's attempt at blocking out some wifely nagging. Frankly, it is easier to dodge an unwanted chore by simply being forgetful...( let me know if I am the only one with an at times forgetful husband! )

In my time, I have done some purlers...have you ever done this or similar?:

I had just made a pot of tea and had put the carton of milk into the cupboard and the sugar bowl into the fridge!

One thing is certain, I will happily keep on reading, playing cards and going for daily walks...